Baby Jaws of Life:  A Human Factors Engineering Workbook
Authors: Laura Lin Gosbee & John Gosbee
Publisher: Red Forest Publishing
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This book is intended for healthcare professionals and students alike
who are learning about Human Factors Engineering (HFE).  This is a
highly visual and hands-on workbook.  Each chapter is based on an
example taken from healthcare.  Chapters begin with a short and
engaging story.  Learners can then practice identifying human factors
design problems.  A design challenge encourages learner to think about
longer lasting remedies by asking them to try their hand at redesigning
the system highlighted in each chapter.  Finally, learners can check their
work against a "solution" which includes: a listing of design problems
and sample redesign ideas.   
Student Version:   This is for students who need this book as a
required text for a course.  
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Full Version:  This is for all others who are using this text to learn
about HFE or teach a course on HFE.
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