Using Human Factors to Improve Patient Safety: Problem Solving on the Front Line
2nd Edition


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Description (from publisher website):

For this newly updated second edition, some of the top HFE experts in the United States and Canada tell how their organizations are
deploying HFE to improve the safety and efficiency of care.

Using Human Factors Engineering to Improve Patient Safety: Problem Solving on the Front Line, Second Edition shows how health care
organizations are using HFE as a powerful adjunct to their patient safety efforts.

Special Features

* Essentials of HFE principles and methods for physicians, nurses, risk managers, and other health care professionals
* Detailed case-study chapters on how five health care organizations and a medication safety organization use HFE strategies
and solutions
* A chief executive officer’s account of how a series of medical errors pushed HFE to the “front burner”
* Advice on finding the HFE professional right for the organization and on how to train everyone, from the frontline staff to the
corporate suite, to look for HFE issues
* Ways to build HFE-based design into medical device and equipment, workspaces, and care processes from the beginning

This book is an essential guide for how chief executive officers, chief operating officers, patient safety officers, physicians, nurses, risk
managers, and performance improvement professionals around the world can use HFE to maximize patient safety and efficiency.


"Overall, the book does an excellent job in introducing basic principles and methods of human factors engineering."  [1]

"The book is a very easy read, with clear language and effectively used tables and figures. It is a great resource for clinicians and health
care leaders to get acquainted with the field of human factors engineering..."  

"A great addition to the human factors and patient safety library."  [1]

"Like the first edition, the second edition of this book provides an excellent introduction to human factors engineering (HFE) with a variety of
useful teaching resources and informative case studies."

"This book is suitable for a wide variety of readers. Certainly it is useful for healthcare providers and clinical practitioners, who would benefit
from the background and introductory materials, especially the advice on choosing human factors (HF) consultants or HF staff.  They would
also benefit from the case studies, especially those from hospital settings such as Johns Hopkins and Baylor."


[1] Excerpts of a book review by Ayse Gurses, PhD, published in HFES Health Care Technical Group News, Fall 2010.  Vol. 20, Issue 1.

[2] Excerpts of a book review by Ed Israelski, PhD, published in Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology. Volume 44, Issue 6 (November 2010), pp 474.
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Editors:  John Gosbee & Laura Lin Gosbee
Publisher: Joint Commission Resources*
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