John Gosbee, MD, MS is a Human Factors Engineering (HFE) and Healthcare
Specialist providing expertise to design of healthcare devices, software, and
architecture.  In addition to his main focus on medical device companies, he
provides consulting to government and academia to develop patient safety
innovations.   He has assisted the HFE transformation of many device companies,
including product development (e.g., injection systems, defibrillators, exam tables)
and personnel development (e.g., workshops, FMEA tools). Dr Gosbee has been
consultant to medical device safety programs, including University of Michigan,
Johns Hopkins, American Heart Association, and World Health Organization.

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Red Forest Consulting provides human factors engineering expertise to
healthcare organizations and businesses.  We are committed to improve the
design of medical devices and systems. We do this through project
consulting, product development redesign, and teaching. We are located in
Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Laura Lin Gosbee, MASc was a Human Factors Engineer specializing in the
area of cognitive engineering.  She died in Spring 2013 after many years living
with breast cancer.  From 1994-2013 she applied human factors engineering
(HFE) to the design, analysis and testing of systems within healthcare.  She has
many publications in the healthcare arena, including peer-reviewed journal articles
and book chapters on HFE as it applies to medical devices, clinical risk
management, medication safety, and patient safety.  She received her Masters of
Applied Science degree in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and Biomedical
Engineering at the University of Toronto in Canada.
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