Workshops for Healthcare & Industry Professionals  

Attendees of our workshops come from medical device companies, healthcare organizations, and regulatory agencies
(e.g., FDA).  They include:  physicians, nurses, risk managers, patient safety specialists, project managers, regulatory
personnel, medical affairs personnel, biomedical engineers, and software developers.  
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Who teaches the workshop?  

    Our workshops are facilitated by John Gosbee.
    Workshops are interactive, yet challenging, and will
    push you to think in a different way.  We lead you
    through multiple hands-on exercises that focus on the
    practical application of human factors.

    What do you learn in our workshops?

  • The basics of Human Factors Engineering & it's methodologies
  • How it helps with risk assessment and patient safety
  • How it supports redesign (from day one)
  • Meeting expectations of the FDA and Joint Commission

    We offer 2 day workshops in Ann Arbor,
    Michigan. Some of our clients have asked us to
    come on-site to give our workshop.  

    For on-site workshops, we offer these formats:

    1/2 Day Workshop  Gives you the basics of Human
    Factors Engineering & why it's important to patient safety

    1 Day Workshop.  Gives you a deeper look at different
    methodologies in Human Factors Engineering

    2 Day Workshop.  Gives you hands on experience using
    different methodologies, and an appreciation of how to use it
    in your organization

    Week-long workshop.  Allows participants to bring in their
    own projects and learn how to apply human factors
    engineering to their unique problem or case.

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    Previous attendees have said...

    "The workshop was wonderfully organized."

    "Exercises were great - very instructive!!"

    "I think the demos + examples really exemplify the
    impact that usability has."

    "The exercises, putting knowledge to work, and
    applying principles are the most effective parts for
    someone new to HFE."

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